Registration Update_05-29-19

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Hello, Campers and Staff,

Here is our first update (through 05-28-19) in Registrations for CBC-19. We are 72% full after the first few weeks of registration. The JR camp is 60% full and the MS camp is 95% full with only two spots remaining. Planning and preparations are well underway as the summer is approaching quickly. If you haven’t registered yet, I would recommend you get to the website and register right away.

As a reminder to all of our parents, June 8th ends our Early Registration period (at $160 per camper) and the General Registration period (at $185 per camper) will begin on June 9th. Please pass the word along so that as many as possible can take advantage of the Early Registration period. Everything you need to register can be found at the Camp Checkpoint website ( so let’s get those registrations completed as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to a fantastic camp again this year. Talk to ya soon.